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“This is the part that’s become more and more frustrating over the last 10 years,” Miller says.

“You have to play this little, tiny back and forth.” If love is a battlefield, dating in your 20s is a war of attrition.

For millennials, Miller’s strategy probably sounds familiar.

But if you’re any older, all that texting may seem daunting, frustrating and carpal tunnel-inducing.

“They just don’t have the time to be out in bars meeting people,” she says.

50s & older Ettin says this age group faces a dilemma: “Most men think they want someone much younger.” To avoid wasting time on a similarly aged person who’s just not that into you, get yourself on ourtime.com, a website specifically for daters older than 50.

If you’re interested in an age-defined event, know that organizers don’t ask for ID.

We asked Erika Ettin, the online dating expert behind the company A Little Nudge, for tips.

Smartphones and social mores have led to a culture in which the way you begin a relationship depends a lot on how old you are.

Steve Miller, 30, got his first smartphone in college.

Here’s the breakdown of how and where to look for mates at any age.

Online dating can be a great way to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise.

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But among women who are even slightly younger than him, he says, that’s “considered way too bold.” So Miller, who works in banking and lives in Arlington, has a strategy.

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  1. When you're dating, however casually, you're probably chatting away about your interests and how each others' days are going more regularly. Whether that's saying "you look beautiful," holding hands at the movies, or making an effort to make them a cup of coffee before they head to work, you're dating.