Aaron rodgers and ryan braun dating

Sadly, the statement he gave just made matters worse. For one, Rodgers is now on record as not being gay.

If he is in fact gay, it just became virtually impossible for him to ever come out. All that matters right now is that he says he's not.

If Robbie Rogers had been outed against his will just a year earlier, it's possible he wouldn't be in soccer today.

We don't know of a single male athlete in the United States who has come out publicly on his own accord and suffered overall negative consequences.

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Ryan Braun and his lingerie model wife Larisa Fraser Braun wasted little time after their December wedding with the baby makin’ business.

However, the two male athletes we know were outed - football players Greg Congdon and Jamie Kuntz - were both removed from their teams and suffered.

Outing is damaging; Convincing someone to come out publicly (which we have done many times) can be powerful.

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These rumors just killed that for some closeted athletes.

It was bad enough when Kerry Rhodes' alleged ex-boyfriend tried to out him last spring.

He was recovering from a collar-bone fracture, hadn't started a game in almost two months, was playing the team that sent him to the sidelines - and now he had to think about his personal life being exposed at the worst possible time. If he isn't, the rumors are nothing more than a mosquito that keeps buzzing around his ear.

But if he is gay - if the speculation is actually true - then it's a distraction of existential proportions.

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