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"The setting up of 'animal' and 'man of spirit' as opposites, follows from the setting up of 'sexual' and 'spiritual' opposites.

It is the antithesis that always forms the basis of every theosophical moral philosophy" (2).

It is significant that mysticism tends to ward off natural genital impulses, especially childhood masturbation, more so than it tends to ward off pregenital infantile impulses.He could not accept the "absurdity" that the brown Hindu child Jiddu Krishnamurthi was declared the reincarnation of Christ (18).In 1917 he left his gnostic seclusion and started a social reform movement based on the subdivision of society into three completely independent spheres of state (judiciary), economics, and culture.There is a direct correlation between mystical, sentimental, and sadistic sentiments on the one hand and the average disturbance of the natural orgastic experience on the other hand.(...) Compare this with the realistic, unsentimental, vital experience of the genuine revolutionary, the dedicated natural scientist, healthy adolescents, etc." (8).

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