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The perpetrators often evade attempts to meet by claiming they are in the military and deployed abroad.

When the time to meet does come, they may ask for help covering travel costs.

There's no need to share every detail about yourself in a profile, because scammers will often use that information to gain your trust.

For example, they might indicate that they have all the same interests and beliefs you do as a way for you to let your guard down around them.

But they can also use personally identifiable information, such as your address, your job, where you went to school and more, to unlock more credentials or figure out passwords and other valuable information. Check out the person you're dating by searching for them on Google and social media sites.

If they tell you information about what they do or what businesses they run, look into them to make sure they're real.

Run their profile pictures through a reverse-image search on Tin Eye or Google Images.

Here are steps you can follow to protect yourself from unscrupulous fraudsters in your search for love.Check to see whether their email address shows up on, a site that keeps track of known email addresses of fraudsters.It's always smart to ask someone else you trust for their opinion.Love is in the air, but don’t let it cloud your judgment — or it might cost you.Americans looking for love lost at least 3 million to scammers last year, according to reports filed with the Federal Trade Commission.

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  2. These elements exist in almost every place singles mingle for a reason: our senses need to be tricked into believing that looking for love by making small talk with a room of random strangers is a perfectly natural thing to do.