Asp net validating date and time

You'll begin by adding some validation logic to the .

Data Annotations provides a built-in set of validation attributes that you can apply declaratively to any class or property.

You might wonder how the validation UI was generated without any updates to the code in the controller or views.

The next listing shows what the public Action Result Create() // POST: /Movies/Create // To protect from overposting attacks, please enable the specific properties you want to bind to, for // more details see [Http Post] [Validate Anti Forgery Token] public Action Result Create([Bind(Include = "ID, Title, Release Date, Genre, Price, Rating")] Movie movie) method redisplays the form.

(It also contains formatting attributes like Data Type that help with formatting and don't provide any validation.) Now update the attribute sets the maximum length of the string, and it sets this limitation on the database, therefore the database schema will change.

But, I won't be sure until we see the repro @mk Artak MSFT requested. After two months I encountered the problem: the validation function in methods_has some errors, so I overwrited this with another function and it worked. Date] is removed and the time share is displayed, the validation works correctly, so it is not a location problem I have also added the following annotation date to View Model, but I did not succeed: [Display Format(Apply Format In Edit Mode = true, Data Format String = "")] I'm not sure, but from what I think the problem is in unobtrusive validation that does not seem to behave right with inputs that display only part of the date. ) causes your browser to show a text box instead of a date picker. I display in a Datepicker only the date portion of a Date Time field through the following code in my View Model: [Required] [Data Type(Data Type. Now; However, in my view, typing the contents of the field with a valid date, I get the error message "Please enter a valid date." When the data annotation [Data Type.You can use the Regular Expression attribute to validate the format of the data.The Data Type attribute is used to specify a data type that is more specific than the database intrinsic type, they are setting specifies that the specified formatting should also be applied when the value is displayed in a text box for editing.

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