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they just want money to let us have an empty maibox. you can not go anywhere and get any key word here for yahoo is money. i am a girl and they sent one to make my pecker grow.

lol – by bubbadougallwhen i log-in to my yahoo mail account i can read any mail that is waiting for me.

does anyone know if yahoo has changed policy about sending multiple e-mails. i haven't made any settings changes other than switching to xp os.

– by wardeni know that once i delete my mail from my inbox folder into the trash folder, you still need to delete the trash in my inbox to “compress” the space from all the mail that i have deleted.

there wasn't much information pertaining to my problem, or any kind of support for that matter.

it has been happening a lot recently & i was wondering if anyone knew what my computer's problem was.even though the mail is gone the space is still there.since yahoo updated with their “new look” where you can delete your trash or expand your space for only .95, there is no longer any place in my inbox to delete any trash and now my mailbox is constantally full and when people try to send me mail they keep getting it back.i'll share my nightmare and pray that one of you can help. once i had finally found what yahoo's excuse was for customer support, the only thing i accomplished was following the same worthless help links in circles and killing nearly four hours. i began searching for some tech support, a faq page, help desk, anything!

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