Cancer and scorpio dating compatibility

They’re both decent judges of character, and can often sense the unspoken motivations in people colouring their actions.However, the dark side of that is that Cancer and Scorpio can be suspicious by default, even of one another at first.Yet that hidden self is effortlessly visible to the tremendous insight and penetrating stare of the Scorpio man.Although not always the most conventionally handsome, he always has a distinct look that betrays him to those seeking him just as he so eagerly tries to elude the spotlight.There’s quite a lot of common ground to cover when it comes to identifying just what makes Cancer and Scorpio compatibility work so well.Although as star signs they’re pretty individual people, and certainly not with birthdays close to one another, people born under these signs have some traits that make them easy to identify to one another.They can learn to rely on their natural chemistry more and more as time goes on though, and both certainly need to learn that being open with their feelings is the best way to personal happiness – especially with one another.There will always be something unreadable about the Scorpio man though, but the Cancer woman doesn’t mind it.

The good points: When it comes to power couples who seem loved up but boast plenty of hidden depths, the Cancer man and Scorpio woman have a relationship that’s tricky to top.

There’ll be a lot of interplay with this energy for Cancer and Scorpio couples, but also a great deal of light-hearted inspiration and fun to be had too.

This couple can shine a light on one another beautifully, illuminating their lives together and creating a great deal of emotional freedom for all.

Just as scorpions and crabs are similar creatures from very different worlds, so too are Scorpio and Cancer people from different walks of life, but united in their outlook.

As star signs of the water element, Cancer and Scorpio each trust greatly in gut feelings, instinctual reactions and intuition.

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Luckily, astrology has also graced the Scorpio man with a great deal of personal charm, although the Cancer woman is just as pleasant to be around, and the pair likely hit it off nicely.

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