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(I mean, come on, when the bill arrived and I reached for my wallet, he asked if I’d see him again and said that if I would, he’d pay for dinner. So far, he knows I can’t eat gluten, but I’ve avoided kissing like the plague.I subtly move out of kissing range before there’s even a smidge of a chance our lips could meet.No matter that your heart skipped a beat when you thought about, let alone were in the presence of, said person. You see, if I encounter even a crumb of gluten on my lips or in my mouth, the damage to my small intestine will begin anew.

(I’ve since been counseled by my friends and daughters to only meet for coffee or a drink on the first date.) There was gluten involved (on his part), and when we walked out of the restaurant, I prayed that he wouldn’t try to kiss me—in part because of the gluten issue, but also because he was a total loser. Then I was introduced to someone through mutual friends.

Exactly what it says on the tin: a dating site for people who don’t eat gluten.

The reason doesn’t matter: celiac disease, a gluten intolerance, or a mere tendency to be swept up in bizarre health fads, you too can find the love of your life.

Gluten Free started when two health conscious friends, one with Celiac disease and the other gluten-intolerance recognized the need for a gluten-free dating community that focused on singles with similar dietary needs.

By creating Gluten Free they’ll help the 3 million people who have Celiac disease and those who are gluten intolerant find valuable information, self-improvement, and long fulfilling gluten-free relationships.

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Instead, I give a sisterly hug intended to communicate that kissing won’t be an option.

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  2. Furthermore, many singles love the site so much they send many many messages to local singles each day. That means all features of the full site are totally free to all our members; making it real, true free online dating. It takes minutes and all the singles are right at your fingertips.