Characteristics of female perpetrators and victims of dating violence

They can help you find resources and get you further help.

Leaving domestic violence can sometimes be a process that doesn’t happen all at once, because of fear of the abuser and needing to ensure you have the resources to leave and continue your life in peace.

Statistical methods are used to generate perpetrator profiles based on the characteristics of small samples of convicted sex offenders.

Caution must be exercised in using these profiles because they are not necessarily representative of all perpetrators and are not mutually exclusive.

Your local community will often have services to help you do this via a woman’s shelter or woman’s health center (for women; less services are available for men in most communities).

In fact, many seek to establish a emotional relationship with the child, and this has an impact on the strategies they employ to commit the abuse.

The characteristics reported in these studies are thus not representative of sexual assault perpetrators as a whole.

Moreover, since this research is based on self-administered questionnaires, the answers may be biased. The term child sexual abuser refers to a person who sexually abuses minors.

However, the abuser may or may not meet the diagnostic criteria of pedophilia.

The term pedophile is used, following a clinical diagnosis by a qualified professional, to refer to an individual who is 16 years of age or older, who has an exclusive or non-exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children (usually under 13 years of age) and who meets a specific set of criteria.

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