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They must run the application from the install folder to get the newest update.This option works for a single client and is a temporary solution, what if a permanant rolback is required?Our systems must always be online and we must provide after hours support.This week, one of our developers deployed an update to his end users.

Alas, it’s not really safe to make any assumptions about extensions in URLs (the web is based on MIME types, rather than filenames). Update: Click Once support is starting to come online in the new Edge 77 .

Squirrel works and does exactly what we require, our windows forms application’s can have a ‘check for updates’ option, which updates to the latest release, close the old application down after its updated, re-open from the original desktop or start menu shortcut and your done.

As a standard, we use Click Once to deploy all of our applications.

Once they select OK, they will be rolled back to 1_1_0_12.

As we rebuild Microsoft Edge atop the Chromium open-source platform, we are working through various scenarios that behave differently in the new browser.

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The extension comes in two pieces– a traditional Java Script extension and a trivial “native” executable (written in C#) that simply invokes the Sh Open Verb Application call with the URL.

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