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Guzman's wife confronted him about his picture showing up in ads for the site and he claimed he had no idea how his picture got there.In fact, he is taking it so far that he is suing the owners of the website, NSI Holdings Limited.

In reality, there’s typically a “police hangout”, whether it be a bar or a gym. Carter said, police officers don’t make the best boyfriends.To be fair, the ad named David as "Jason, 33" and "Single".In response to the lawsuit, the site says: 'He is a married man and respected member of his community who has been caught with a profile on an online dating website' and that the profile was "used once, suggesting 'a momentary dalliance." You can read the entire story HERE.Listing qualities such as field training instructor, defensive tactics instructor, dive team, and SWAT appeared to be the most popular and a running theme through most of the lonely bios that appear on the site.A typical bio would read something similar to this; He spends his free time working out and arguing with his cop buddies on the best way to clear a room in a hostage situation.

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When asked about early results of the site, Officer Danforth optimistically vowed that one of the 475 officers featured on the site will get a like or a connection any day now.

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