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He was caught between his feelings for her and his fears of the past repeating itself, but his feelings for Kate were lessened once he got to know Chloe Lane Black, and fell in love with her.

They had a fling, but Chloe made a deal with God that she'd marry Lucas if he'd spare his life during an explosion.

When the truth about their relationship first came out, Kate's sons, Philip and Lucas, insisted that Kate get a different doctor.

Later they all agreed to do the best thing for Kate, even if that meant Daniel treating her. Daniel Jonas treated Kate for her diagnosis of lung cancer.

He told Jenn they could be friends and was moving on, though Jack Devereaux later died.

* Performed a risky pancreatic transplant to save Bo Brady's life.

* Shortly dated Bo's daughter, Chelsea, but they broke up when Chelsea found out that he had slept with her grandmother Kate before they started dating.

(They kept it from her.) * Treated Kate for lung cancer. * Was set up by Kate, who was trying to murder Chloe. * Diagnosed with Intention Tremors that prevented him from being a surgeon.

He bowed out gracefully and a broken-hearted Jennifer asked him if they could remain friends.

Later, Daniel got his test results back: he had Intention Tremors which may have been caused by a stroke that Daniel possibly had while asleep.

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Meanwhile, Daniel began to experience tremors in his hands and feared that he had Myasthenia Gravis like Maggie.

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