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Kit included Sony FS7s, Canon EF lenses and an Easyrig for a month long period.

RDF / Fizz for Sky 1 With Cat Deeley hosting, 30 of the UK's most exciting groups face-off in an a cappella contest based on sheer vocal talent.

Studio Lambert for E4 This series sees extreme beauty and hair fails fixed by a team of top young professionals.

We supplied this first series with technical advice and 24/7 support plus camera gear including ARRI AMIRAs and ARRI ALEXA Minis.

Monkey Kingdom chose us to supply equipment for the observational shoot - the programme was filmed on our Sony FS7 cameras.

The hit specialist factual show follows groups of disabled singletons as they search for love. Renegade Pictures for E4 Shift 4 were delighted to be chosen to supply kit, crew and technical support for the 2017 production of Don’t Tell The Bride, the long-running hit series which reveals what happens when a groom is left in complete control of The Big Day.

Shift 4 is a highly regarded facilities house whose reputation is built on recommendation and long-lasting relationships.

We’re proud to have been involved with the following projects: BBC Studios for BBC2 We provided the equipment for this BBC film in which Louis Theroux embeds himself in two of London's biggest adult eating-disorder treatment facilities to meet women of all ages and at various stages of their illness.

Shift 4 supplied equipment and technical support to the project, further continuing our valued relationship with award-winning production company Swan Films.

Vulcan Productions This video from singer-songwriter Charlotte OC features a one take performance by New York City Ballet's principal dancer Tiler Peck and her "own physical interpretation" of the song.

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