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Needtobreathe are something of an anomaly in the current pop-music landscape.Despite an absence of mainstream radio support, the Charleston, South Carolina, foursome has built a massive live following and released increasingly higher-charting albums.Rating: 7/10 David Nail is one of those artists that flies under the radar a lot in Nashville, never really selling out to trends, always producing decent or solid albums–in short, he’s one of the artists out there proving pop country doesn’t always equal bad music.I’ve always been impressed with Nail and thought he had a lot of potential, particularly on his songs “The Sound of a Million Dreams” and “Turning Home.” That all shines through in his fourth album, Fighter, his best album to date and definitely what I look for in good pop country.But I think this is giving us that opportunity, obviously playing places like Red Rocks or the Greek Theatre or somewhere, you can bring a bunch of stuff in there. One, we made Rivers in the Wasteland during a time when the band was fighting a lot. We wrote some pretty heavy songs about our personal relationships and what we were going through and we didn’t have a lot of experimentation during that record.

I didn’t review it when it came out because it’s just there; it’s mediocre and filler, but it does serve the purpose of proving there is a better way to portray this overdone story.Do you feel like you can draw bigger crowds by combining all these talents on one package? The bonus of it has been we think of ourselves as a big arena, amphitheater band – at least, we’ve always wanted to do things like that.We’ve been just as comfortable in clubs, but we’ve always wanted to have huge light shows and big screens and all that stuff, and you’re always kind of limited by whether or not you can do that.So probably anything we do on the records, even if we’re trying to make a rock record, ends up more rock live. You used to be a Carolina band.” And I was like, “I don’t know what Carolina band means.” We still are – we didn’t move or anything.So for him, that must’ve meant acoustic guitar or something. That’s the problem with that term [“Christian”] – it’s confusing.

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“I ain’t much for the morning but I’ve always been good at tonight.” The production makes this enjoyable–it features accordion and is something I can call pop country, as opposed to similar, overproduced straight pop songs.

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