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My solution to meet Cuban women was to play halloween.

Luckily, I'd packed some old, ripped jean shorts, old shoes and a couple wife beaters, which is how a lot of Cuban men dress.

Students hang out here as well, and none of the ones I talked to gave off a prostitute vibe.

The third piece of advice would be to not limit yourself to Havana.

My fourth piece of advice is to get your accommodation situation sorted out.

If you try to take a Cuban lady home and you're staying at a , they probably aren't going to let it happen.

In the 6 or so cities I visited, I never found a shortage of people enjoying life and the company of one another, despite their obvious hardships. It's not that talking to tourists is completely forbidden (I don't think...), it's more just what the authorities could accuse you of if they see you doing it.

The second piece I'd give would be to avoid Old Havana/Central Havana if you're looking to hit on girls.

Try Vedado, the modern part of the city where more well-off citizens live.

If a girl approached me, eventually it came out that it would be pay-for-play.

If I approached a girl, eventually it came out that it would be pay-for-play.

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It didn't take me long to realize the aforementioned problem. And I figured things would only be worse in smaller Cuban cities.

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