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The tourists that swarm to Arches in summer can do the damnedest things, like suddenly entering the road near blind corners, or making slow U-turns behind rises in the highway that make them impossible to see, until some unfortunate comes flying over the rise and obliterates both vehicles so completely that no recognizable vehicle remains, only a debris field of metal and plastic and human remains that the highway department crew out of Moab will come out at all hours to clean up, picking up the body parts with a snow shovel.

After we hit the BLM ramp near the town, we spent two hours unloading boats, washing coolers and gear, and packing everything up into our three trucks that shuttle drivers had left waiting for us since mid-day.

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After putting our clients, a family group from Sacramento, on board an air-conditioned bus and seeing them off, our other two trucks, loaded with gear, and a GMC Suburban carrying our river guides, had taken off back up to Vernal, Utah, to deliver most of our gear to a storage unit, to be used next week by another group of guides who would take them down the same beautiful river through Desolation Canyon.

I have driven south with some rafts and equipment, stuffed into the back of this cargo van I’m driving now, headed for Monticello, Utah, where, in a few hours, about pm, I will leave the gear in a storage unit, so that another guide team can retrieve them for a trip our company is running on the San Juan River, in the southern part of the ‘Industry’ state.

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