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Here you will find history information on the well-known brand, as well as photographs of the various Monet signatures that have been used over the years that will help you date your pieces and ensure their authenticity.Dating can sometimes prove difficult and people can be misinformed with the information that where the copywriter symbol is absent from a piece it will date it pre-1955, however there are many pieces that look to have been produced in the 2000s (and possibly late 1990s?The business continued to develop with sales growing from approximately million in the early 1960s to approximately 0 million by the early 1980s.

Not only does this book provide a fantastic history of the company, it showcases the most amazing creations by Monet Jewelers with particular focus on the 1930s to 70s captured by photographer Terry Niefield.

Various new lines were released in the early 1980s that were seen as "fashion forward" and they also acquired the Yves St.

Laurent licence for costume jewellery which saw some stunning creations hit the high end stores from August 1982.

If you have searched through my items for sale you are sure to notice that I have considerable more Monet jewellery pieces listed compared to any other designer.

As mentioned in my Welcome introduction, my love for vintage jewellery began with Chanel.

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After the passing of Joseph Chernow in 1966, Michael searched for a new business partner and in 1968 signed with General Mills.

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