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Since its inception in 2005, Innovative Language has striven to become one of the leading language lesson providers.

Innovative Language is a massive system of free video and audio lessons in 34 languages.

Welcome to 2016, where your problem isn’t finding free language learning websites and resources, but sorting through the masses of them buried in different corners of the Internet.

Whether you’re looking for pronunciation help, Skype exchanges, grammar games or other online tools for learning the language you love, it’s out there, and you don’t always need to pay for it.

Whether you prefer flashcards or face-to-face interaction, whether you’re learning Amharic or Zulu, for novices and near-natives and everything in between, here’s how you can start fine-tuning your language skills without spending a cent.

If you’re into learning with video, TV and movies (which you definitely should be), you’ve got to at grab your free 15-day trial and spend a couple weeks binge-learning here with our video and audio libraries, which feature many of the same things native speakers of your target language are watching in their sweatpants while eating potato chips at home.

Two main features set Fluent U apart from the others on this list.

Now the World Wide Web has gotten small enough to fit in our pockets, along with Android and i OS.

And that’s an awesome thing, because it means the benefits of learning a new language no longer have to come with a hefty price tag—or any price tag at all!

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