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However, Dávila and Elvira warn about linking compensation to formal evaluation of workers’ performance.

Given the low level of confrontation between managers and their subordinates, the results of that sort of evaluation are rarely used.

Compensation usually comes in the form of fixed salary.

Only multinational companies and large Latin American firms provide variable compensation based on corporate performance.

On the other hand, Latin American corporate training and development divisions suffer significant internal conflict when it comes time to provide more advanced business training.

They realize that new management techniques don’t always fit in well with local tradition; some practices are rejected by employees.

However, the researchers said there is insufficient empirical research in that area.

The authors define the Latin American business model as a hybrid of globalization and the region’s historic traditions.

With the exception of Argentina and Costa Rica, those traditions are characterized by large social gaps and a widespread collectivism that has various manifestations.

It is no easy task to play the role of supervisor, however, because a boss must assume that role without actually behaving as such.

The collective spirit of the workplace is manifested in several ways.

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