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According to the survey results from the Daedalus Project – where they conducted interviews with over 2000 MMO gamers – around 80% of females and 60% of males have flirted with another player, 50% of females and 22% of males have developed romantic feelings for another player, and 29% of females and 8% of males have physically dated someone they first met in a MMO. 85% of all MMO gamers are men so your odds of finding love in MMOs, (assuming you are looking for a woman) aren’t great. You may also want to think about age: people of all ages play MMOs now, and if you are 18 years old it may be a nasty shock to discover you’ve fallen for a 42 year old.

Many people looking for relationships online are looking for short term physical gratification (if you know what I mean).

Mientras tienes citas sexuales, puedes encontrar amigos para citas candentes y tener sexo si es que tú y tu pareja deciden calentar un poco el ambiente.The explosion in chatrooms, social websites and instant messaging, not to mention internet dating, has rendered the phenomenon unremarkable.People no longer look shocked when couples explain that they first met on the internet.Dating sites, social sites like My Space or Face Book and even online chat often comes with a photo attached or a profile detailing jobs, likes and dislikes.When it comes to MMORPGs you have nothing to go on – or do you?

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