Dating old army photographs

" Invasion of Cape Gloucester, New Britain, 24 Dec. Crammed with men and material for the invasion, this Coast Guard- manned LST nears the Japanese held shore.

Johnson of the 783rd Military Police Battalion, waves on a `Red Ball Express' motor convoy rushing priority materiel to the forward areas, near Alenon, France." Bowen, September 5, 1944. To order individual prints, negatives, or slides from this list, write to the Still Picture Branch (NNSP) for a current price list and ordering information. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander, at his headquarters in the European theater of operations. With the exception of 11 pictures that are also in color (indicated by an asterisk following the identification number), all pictures in this list are available only in black and white. He wears the five-star cluster of the newly-created rank of General of the Army." T4c. 44-PA-246.* National Archives Identifier: 513688 9. 44-PA-820.* National Archives Identifier: 514315 12. defeat means slavery, starvation, death." Color poster by Ben Shahn, 1942. Go to the nearest recruiting station of the armed service of your choice." Color poster by Steele Savage, 1944. 44-PA-531.* National Archives Identifier: 514010 13.

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" Chippers." Women war workers of Marinship Corp., 1942.

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