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“How to Become the Man Women is the first in a series of productions that ‘Break the Girl Code’.The 18 minute e-video condenses information taught over 4 years and to hundreds of men to help them become successful with women. Wing Girls are women who will always provide you with an honest and blunt female perspective.This works even if you’re overweight, feel like you’re past your prime, or feel broke compared to other guys…New Lust Hormone Scent – Subconsciously triggers animalistic mating instincts in women, giving you a stealthy advantage over any other man.The book goes into depth on how to set up a party where you are the life of the party and have women coming to you.

The Tao of Badass reveals and explains the psychology behind what makes women become attracted to you and how to use body language, banter, and social mastery to flip those ‘psychological attraction switches’.

Learn what women want from women.” Does it bother you that your woman dressed SEXIER for her ex-boyfriends than she’s EVER dressed for you?

Who Else Wants to Easily and Effortlessly Achieve Instant Power, Respect, Priority, Success and Choice With the Women YOU Desire…

In fact, it reveals how to get beautiful, desirable women to approach you first, so that you, as a man, get to make the rejection decision.

Are you ready to experience what it celebrities feel when all attention and desire is focused on you..?

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