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20 - Demonstration SR - Added images of 8ft Williamsport War Models, owned by John Sampson, Phd. 20 - Papers - Archived 60 issues of UKSRC Skid Stick. 20 - Calculators - Added aa Calculator Ad from 1973 20 - People w/SRs - Added 15 new photos of people with a slide rule in the picture. 20 - Ephemera w/SRs - Added 36 new ads containing slide rules found in various old Radio-Electronics magazines. Gifts of Leroy Hausler Collection 20 - Adders - Added Kalkometer pocket Adding Machine, gift of Ed Millis. 20 - Nestler - Added Albert Nestler No.37 Early Cursor. 20 - ISRM has applied for 501(c)3 (A57 - Science and Technology Museums) status through the State of Colorado. 20 - Purchased SSL for ISRM to make it a secure HTTPS:// website ticket # 4683979 (Rep: Marlon). Gift of Mike Weaver, UK 20 - United Kingdom - Added W. gift of Mike Weaver, United Kingdom 20 - Unique - Added[Replace] Unique Brighton [S279], Universal [S069], Unique Ten-Twenty Version 2. To gallery 2018 20 - Received donation from Mary J. Pennell Collection from his daughter, Brenda Barnes, and son, Barry Pennell of Apex, North Carolina. Pennell (Jim) was born in Wilkes County, North Carolina June 9, 1927 and died in November 2015.with articles from IIT Tech News 20 - SR_Whos Who - Added Samuel Pepys (23 February 1633 - ) Diary Quote "I was first to use the word 'Slide Rule'" 20 - SR_Whos Who - Added E. Sperry, the inventor of Sperry's (Pocket Watch) Calculator. 20 - Pocket Watches - Created Scientific Publishing and Gebr. Wichmann (1938), Scientific Publishing Chronograph c1900-1910, Fowlers Textile Calculator Short Scale w/Two Knobs, E. 20 - Pickett - Added[Replaced] N1010SL-ES Powertrig NIB [S539], N1010SL-T Powertrig NIB, N400-ES NIB, N4P-T Vectorlog [P071], N800-ES (1962), 800-ES . Hausler Collection 20 - All HTML files (over 100) - Converted SRM/css and URL Links to new secure https:// Colorado ID Number 20181884948, IRS EIN 83-2486423, operating as a non-profit public corporation as International Slide Rule Museum dba ISRM 20 - SIC - Added SIC 250 3"(SINCO Rototrig 100) variation. Any links going to be redirected to https://20 - Concise - Added Concise No.28 and Concise 320 with Calendar Variation. 20 - Post - Added 1457 Mannheim Trig, Metal Braces c1946. gifts of Mike Weaver, United Kingdom 20 - PIC/Thornton - Added[Replace] PIC No.3654 [S212], PIC No.101 (inch scale). He was an electronics technician caring for the instrument landing system of Raleigh Durham Airport (RDU) for decades after serving in the Navy and Air Force.Bachelor Collection 20 - Pickett - Added[Replaced] 3-T Dula base Log Log Die Cast braces, N3-T Power Log Exponential [S129], Model 14 US Military Artillery Ranging (1959), Model 6-T Statistical Control 91962), model 200 Bethlehem Steel, 1000 newer artwork, N903-T Trig and Conversion.. Gifts of Don Di Galbo 20 - Nestler - Added Nr.0370 (Inch) Electro. 20 - Ephemera - Added 31 new ads containing slide rules from various old electronics magazines. 20 - Received gift of slide rules used by Dorinda Wong of Pleasanton, California. 20 - Received donation from Brenda Barnes in memory of James J. 20 - Circular - Added Fearns A7 Universal Metric Converter, Donated By Barbara Cunningham, Australia, belonged to Brian Charles Cunningham 20 - SR_Library/Japan - Added Hemmin 257 Chemical Engineering slide rule Brief Instructions. 20 - Faber - Added Faber Castell 1/87 Rietz, no scale labels, belonged to Brian Charles Cunningham 20 - Concise - Added(Replaced) Concise No.32 Key chain with Perpetual Calender(C07).Gift of Mike Weaver, UK 20 - Dietzgen - Added[Replaced] - 1767P National Early Cursor [S308], 1741 Novo Biplex Germany. Bachelor Collection 20 - Nordic - Added[Replaced] Diwa Rietz-Ideal No. Gift of Mike Weaver, UK 20 - East Europe - Added Logarex 27602-II dc667 with cursor variation. 20 - People w/SRs - Added 2 new ads containing photos of people with slide rules from various old electronics magazines. Leroy was a retired pharmacist and member of the Oughtred Society from 2006 until 2016. a telegrapher with the Lackawann Rialroad in Scranton, PA. Add to Gallery 20.01 - Received gift of Radio Shack EC-245 Statesman Thin Slide Rule Calculator with charger from Dr. 20.01 - Received gift of Acumath 400 from Albert Klumpp of Arlington Heights, Illinois. 20.01 - Recieved gift of Pickett 52T Aerial Photo Slide Rule Type A-1, U. 20 - Concise - Added(Replaced) Concise Type-E Weights and Measures Conversion Tables Data Computer, belonged to Brian Charles Cunningham 20 - Dietzgen - Added(Replaced) Dietzgen 1771 Redi-Rule Promo (P043), belonged to Brian Charles Cunningham 20 - SR_Terms/encyclopedia - Expanded W. Ed Millis Collection 20 - Scanned the Brian Charles Cunningham collection.This year's International Meeting of Collectors of Historical Calculating Instruments, is being held September 20th to 21st, 2019 in Scheveningen and The Hague, The Netherlands, with an optional visit to a small local museum on Sunday September 22nd, 2019. 20 - Received a donation from Jose Gabriel Fernandez of Spain 2019 20 - Received a donation of from Mary J. 20 - Ephemera w/SRs - Added 57 more images bringing the total to 440.Full details 20 - Demo SR - Added image of Welch ft from Nathan Zeldes, Israel. Levasseur ( 20.01 - Received Qualitron QI-1015 electronic scientific slide rule calculator. from Serbia 20.01 - Received gift of Pickett Model 2-T from Karl W. 20.01 - Received gift of a 6 ft Post Versalog Demonstration Slide Rule from Dave Sanner of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Radio-News, September 1955 20 - Pickett - Added Deci-Point (model 1) news release from Radio-News, March 1946 20 - Ephemera w/SRs - Added more images bring the total to 383. 20 - Aristo - Added Nr.89 Inch scale Mc Kenzie Promo, 867U Darmstadt (no date), 810 4in (no cursor). Sappah, of Waretown, New Jersey 20.01 - Received Albert Nestler No.37 Early Cursor. Sappah, of Waretown, New Jersey 20 - Ephemera - Added 8 new ads containing slide rules found in various old electronics magazines. gift of Mike Weaver, United Kingdom 20 - Misc Japan - Added Royal 1002. 20 - Received gift of a slide rules from the James J.Any external links going to be redirected to https://to show that all files are safe and virus free.If you are wondering about the process of creating images for posting slide rules specimens, here is a 7 minute video captured from my screen while editing the many scans required to document a slide rule into one single image. 20 - Received gift of Nestler 0290 belonging to Mike Simmonds of Hertfordshire, UK 20 - Received gift of slide rules belonging to Peter Brooks Morton (c1938-2017). 20 - Slide Rule Rescue - Updated, Added Hemmi and Aristo pocket slide rules 20.01 - Received Soviet Era 22 inch slide rule from Pavlonskaya of St. 14 Log Log Decitrig 20 - Relay/Ricoh - Added Lafayette 99-7102 Vectorlog and Jason No.801 Mannheim Trig. Bauman was an Electrical Engineer at Philidelphia Electric Company from 1950-1962, he then became a manager and finally supervising buyer. 20 - SR_Rescue - Sent 5 slide rules out to Friends of the Musem.ISRM Scanning Procedure Screen Capture Jim Cerny has now begun to host his collection on the ISRM Associates page beginning with a tribute to Ed Chamberlain. 20 - SR_Whos Who - Added Walter Richard Evans (1920-1999), inventor of the Spirule 20 - Misc USA - Added The Spirule Co. Petersburg, Russia 20 - Received a donation from Mark Mc Carty 20 - Received gift of slide rules and books from the Terry Whitsel of Loveland, Colorado 20 - Created a Facebook Page "ISRM". 20 - KE_Standard - Added K&E N4080-3 Loig Log Duplex Trig sn743809 Laminated Mahogany bio of original owner John Robert Baumann 20. 20.01 - Received gift of Jason 801 from Michael Banks.catagory and two examples of the Spirule, Root Locus slide rule, one from Nathan Zeldes 20 - KE_Standard - Added 4088-3 Polyphase Duplex c1927 belonging to Peter Brooks Morton (c1938-2017) with bio. Search ISRM or @sliderulemuseum 20 - Received approval from Amazon to be a supported charity when you buy using on smile.20 - Hemmi - Added two variants of 50W. - New acquisitions received 20 - Received donations for slide rule adoptions from Philip Rodley, New Zealand and 20 - Duplicates For Adoption - Added K&E, Pickett, Dietzgen and Faber-Castell 20 - Received donation from Michael Mjelde, a continued Patron of the Museum 20 - Duplicates For Adoption - Updated with available circular slide rules to the Adoption list. Agreed to send 3 slide rules in trade to friends children 20 - Pickett - Posted Model 114C Pocket Metric Conversion. 20 - Received gift of slide rules from Janet Dupont of Wacona, Minnessota.

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