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The next montage shows Vicki hard at work: She makes the hated beds, delivers tea and converses with the residents. Back with his mates, Derek thinks back to his coming age, prompting a discussion. ” As Hannah prepares for Derek’s birthday, Douglas takes him, Kev and some of the residents to the library.

Albert, a fellow resident, gives him the “50 is the new 40″ speech. Doug again waxes philosophical on Justin Beiber biographies, the undue amount of cooking books and why the elderly even bother reading. When Derek returns, the whole group surprises him with a birthday cake, confetti and a host of presents. The residents boogie, Derek dances and everyone has a great time.

When Hannah reads her glowing endorsement, Vicki breaks down in tears.

She admits nobody has ever been nice to her like that, and wants to stay on after her community service is up.

Of course, Hannah herself wouldn’t mind a bit of David Beckham, provided he didn’t speak, but there’s more to life than emulating pop stars.

Vicki continues to mope around her work until one of the residents asks her where she gets her nails done.

Hannah won’t have that, and gives her another dose of tough reality.

Moments like this remind us exactly who Derek cares for and the reality of their situation.

Through all the latest trends (long sideburns, platform shoes and dungarees), none of the Hollywood heartthrobs have ever rocked his signature look. Hannah, who finds the good in everybody, explains to the camera that Vicki isn’t a bad kid.

Just another example, according to him, of how he’s been unlucky in life. She’s just never had anybody to look up to except celebrities, models and footballers.

According to him, it’s not like they are going to finish it. It’s refreshing to see a day room usually full of resting residents full of life, music and energy.

Kev, after finding a photography magazine with some lovely nudes in it, learns he can’t take it out and asks where the bathroom is. Tear-Jerking Moment: During the festivities, Hannah asks Vicki to join her as she fills out her assessment form.

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