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A Dreamweaver Template is a common structure created and used for all or some pages of a web site using the Adobe Dreamweaver tool.The template structure so created in Dreamweaver and is saved as a . There can be any number of dreamweaver templates for a web site.That is, each section of a web site can have its own template with variations in structure or color from the others.Let's say you want to built a web site which has 20 pages with a lot of content.Wouldn't it be easy to maintain the website if it had a common structure that could be used to control the look of all these pages?

That is, you have a domain which points to a directory where these site files reside. mysite.berkeley.edu/ If you place this site in a sub-directory (not recommended), you must change ALL paths linking to include files, content images, css files, javascript files and more, by adding the sub-directory onto the path. Default installation (at web root): Paste the results-only Google code block in the /search/index.shtml page where specified on the page.All you need to do is make your changes to the template and save it.All the pages using the template are automatically updated without you having to check and modify each page.Unfortunately, the default template in Dreamweaver does none of that: XHTML requires you to close non–closing (“empty”) elements including form tags, image tags, horizontal rule tags and break tags.(For more information, see XHTML Guidelines in the NYPL Online Style Guide and W3C’s HTML Compatibility Guidelines for XHTML 1.0.) Closing these pesky elements can be one of the most time–consuming tasks in transitioning to XHTML.

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Thus dreamweaver templates save a lot of precious development and maintenance time!

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