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I understood that they want to see how much I really want to be a Jew.At the end of the process, I had to immerse in the ritual bath, and it was a unique experience."Since that moment, I am a different woman, stronger and more powerful," she says in an attempt to explain the difference before her conversion and afterwards. "I love to light Shabbat candles," she says as she arranges the candlesticks. "And before Chanukah I'm planning to light candles and make donuts, although my Spinjes [Moroccan deep fried dough] are really tasty." Prays to G-d (Illustration: Shutterstock) S., a young woman in her 30’s, finished a few months ago her conversion process that began five years ago, and since then she conducts herself and lives as a Jew in every respect.

When asked why she doesn’t reveal her identity, she immediately says she would rather keep her identity private, because her Druze family does not know anything about the conversion she underwent. After all, she raised me, and she would take it hard." So what leads a woman who allegedly has everything, to pick herself up and leave her religion, customs, way of life and family?No, but back when I was still working as a psychiatrist in Australia, I got asked to see a young man in his early 20s.He was Druze and he was going out with an Anglo-Australian girl.They kept asking me questions all the time to see if I'm real.They asked me, for example, what blessings I recite, and which commandments I know and fulfill. There are people who despair of the process, perhaps because they are put off by the difficulty, but I went all the way, and I didn’t give up.

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