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No matter how bad things could be for them, they could have all those things and five hemorrhoids. At least the misery will give me something to write about. The 54-year-old has been tracked down in Phuket, Thailand, where he was soaking up the rays with his arms outstretched on the poolside, as well as asleep on a sun lounger in stripey blue and white shorts. It’s the anal mucosal lining that seeps out when a hemorrhoid has ventured out into the wild. Still, this was not the way I wanted to live my life. I can’t tell you how relieving it is to scratch one’s asshole. In fact, sitting on the toilet for long lengths has probably made me the person I am today. However, no matter what condition each person has, you know it’s in their ass. ♦◊♦ We go into the actual room where the magic happens. The seat is comfortable; no one can talk to me; I can relieve stress in multiple ways; I can concentrate. In the waiting room for a colorectal surgeon, that remains the case. Apparently my self-diagnosis was absolutely correct. This news strengthens my hypothesis that I am right about 95 percent of the time. After all, I have always taken my time on the toilet. In other doctors’ offices, you aren’t sure what condition each person is suffering from.

The Category 5 Hurricane Dorian (shown bottom left in a satellite view) was lingering over the island of Grand Bahama this morning, moving westward at just 1mph, bringing up to 30 inches of rain and leaving an airport under five feet of water (some of the devastation is seen center and bottom right).

I am back to my old jokey self, though again, when objects are actually inside my anus, it is hard to maintain humor. Of course, the most practical, applicable, and scientific reason that I will continue to get hemorrhoids is that the universe insists on punishing me.

Now, as I sit writing this, I am hemorrhoid free—but I know that this will not last forever. I can’t just be successful, content, and healthy like many people.

“You have three or four in there.” This is bad news to me.

I go from thinking that I have a one-time hemorrhoid and that was it, to realizing that this is a chronic problem I might have for the rest of my life.

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