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If I thought this was melodramatic, the best was still to come.The height of Italian jealousy was revealed in all its glory when a friend introduced me to one of his colleagues.His favourite episode was the one where the naive English girl is pursued in the gym, a place otherwise known as Italian flirt-heaven.I should have read the signs: the men hanging around, idly lifting weights while modelling skin-tight shorts, the women tripping by in tiny skirts and heels, admiring hair in mirrors and swapping phone numbers.We had much in common and arranged to meet for lunch.But all hell let loose when it emerged that we had made plans without our mutual friend.As a blonde 20-something British woman studying in Rome, I have had the - somewhat dubious - pleasure of first-hand experience.My introduction to Italian chat-up lines began even before I had left the UK.

Loitering, he confessed with a smirk, "I used to be bad, but I've reformed.? In a bizarre two-pronged attack, he mixed anecdotes about his favourite sexual position with promises to take me to his grandmother's house to try her famous home-made ravioli.When I met my future husband he thought marrying an Italian woman would somehow be good from a “man point of view”, after all Italian women are thought to be more traditional, passionate and can generally make good wives. He loved the fact that he could learn to speak Italian, he could have free holidays in Italy, eat and drink lots of delicious bowls of pasta and mix with life-loving happy-go-lucky Italian people who always seem to know how to live life to the full. The novelty soon wore off when he realized that “there was no free lunch” so to speak. So what are the pros and cons of marrying an Italian? – Italian women love their food in fact they are obsessed with it.So yes, do expect beautifully cooked dinners with matching fine wines.That’s why if she hosts for 4 people it will always be enough for 12.– Italian women love being stylish which means looking good even only to pop out for a loaf of bread at the supermarket. If you dress well you are more presentable, smarter and you look more reliable too.

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