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Although profiles are useful for developers, analysts, and business owners to arrive at a common understanding of a STIX data exchange, they can also be used to automatically validate that a particular STIX instance document conforms to the requirements that they define.This capability can be used in development to ensure that the developed tool conforms to the profile requirements or in production to ensure that produced or consumed documents conform.If schema validation fails, profile validation will not be run.

[ ] XML schema validation results: examples/ex02: VALID [ ] Profile validation results: examples/ex02: VALID This indicates that the document is valid against both the schemas and the profile.Profiles are represented using a specially-formatted Excel spreadsheet.Instance documents may be automatically validated against that spreadsheet to determine whether they conform with it.The validator has two options for validating against profiles: you can pass it an instance document and a profile and it will tell you whether the instance document conforms to the profile, and you can pass it just a profile and it will output an XSLT file or Schematron schema that can then be used by XSLT or Schematron tools to validate instance documents without requiring the validator logic.To generate XSLT, run the following command from the command line: Note that this will validate both against the STIX schemas and against the profile.

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When the validator finds an error it tries to continue and reports a list of all errors found.

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