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The apostrophe will not be visible in the cell on the spreadsheet, but you can see it in the Formula Bar.Double click the cell, or edit it in the Formula Bar and delete the apostrophe.Another common reasons is accidentally formatting the cells containing formulas as text. To check this; click on the cell and check the Number group of the Home tab. Change the format to General using the list provided.Then re-calculate the formula in the cell by double clicking on the cell and pressing Enter.Public Sub Update My Functions() Dim my Range As Range Dim rng As Range ' Assume the functions are in this range A1: B10.

Change it to Automatic and the formulas will start working.I set a formula to an entire column but it does not take affect unless I double click in each of the boxes? It does not do it unless i double click in each specific one. I've found the following bit of code online, to add a =countccoolor function to excel, which counts the number of cells in a range that have a certain color.The range is the "A" column, and I color whole rows based on case status.

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