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First crush In real life it was Karen Fraser, a girl in my P2 class. First time you realised you were famous I'm only famous in certain places.In most places in the world, no one knows who I am. First movie you ever went on a date to I honestly can't remember but I do remember going on a first date to the movie . First thing you do when you've got time off work Head home to see my niece, my sis and my folks. If you ever get to the stage where someone else is carrying all your shit while you're Instagramming your small dog, then all is pretty much lost. I know you were probably asking about a 'weepy' but Star Wars has everything. Last lie you told It wasn't me that ate your sandwich. Last extravagant purchase you made A Gretsch Country Gent guitar.I’ve cried so many times reading it and laughed a few times too.Butler’s turn of phrase is extraordinary, he’s one of those people that can make you weep just with their use of language.Bertie Carvel, who played Rupert Murdoch, was extraordinary.

It was a moment in time that showed us the beginnings of the misinformation that’s so rife at the moment.He’s just the sharpest, funniest, most relevant comedian.I hope he doesn’t go back to being low-key, like after that burst of pressure from Chapelle’s Show.First object you'd save from your burning home Depends if my niece was in there or not. First job I worked in bars from when I was 17 right up until the band had our first hit.First bar job was in the pub across the street from me in the town I grew up in Bangor, County Down.

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Also the only seats left were in the front row of the theatre. Even if I do say so myself I'm not too shabby in the kitchen. There's a pic on my Instagram and I look like I'm ten years old. First thing you'd do if you ran the country Have a 'shouting at each other' embargo so we can try and sort some things out with some goddamn kindness. First song you'll sing at karaoke'Yellow Submarine'.

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