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You can also use this tool on our free app available at the Google Play Store ( Search Quarry Tool Box ) A state inmate ends up in a state prison or penitentiary for a multitude of violations.

Most notably are criminal offenses that are tried in a state court where a conviction is handed down and the inmate is sentenced to a state prison.

They leave people with a distorted view of the Office of Sheriff and its powers, duties, and responsibilities. The Office of Sheriff in Georgia predates the first Georgia Constitution.

This is not surprising considering that the media of today has, for the most part, forgotten the sheriff’s role themselves.

All you have to do is select the state, then click on the state prison the inmate is located in.Sheriffs and their deputies have statewide jurisdiction. The sheriff is required by law to operate the county jail, as well as provide security for the courts and serve writs, warrants, precepts, and processes of the courts. While it has been common place in times dating back to the Magna Carta that the sheriff was the chief law enforcement officer (Pollock and Maitland 582), I often remind deputies that the purpose of enforcing the law is to fulfill the duty of “preserving the peace and protecting the lives, persons, and property, of the citizens.” It is, in my opinion, much easier for sheriffs, due to their elected nature, to remember this truth.Sheriffs are elected to their office and because of the elected nature of that office they are directly accountable to the citizens they serve. The Sheriff is charged with preserving the peace and protecting the lives, persons, and property of the citizens within the county. It is our job to protect and not harm our citizens.Website visitors should continue to check back periodically to see if any changes have occurred. S State Inmate Finder makes finding an inmate easy and no signup is necessary.

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