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So, naturally being creeped out I stopped talking to basically everybody but a few and observed.And the conversations got stranger and stranger, until I got blessed with the profile temporarily unavailable shadowban, everyone is complaining about here. A good guess is that it was simply harrasment from the staff, as I imagine most of them are in fact these strange accounts.Trust me, I have a lot to compare to - all of the things mentioned above are just impossible on sites like I made a profile on the fdating and it finally went through by asking for my mobile number. I tried many times to contact the mananger and the manager never replies. It is very ridiculous that I can't be a member on this site anymore because of this stupid manager.Stop putting my profile on temporarily unavailable and finally let me use this site for crying out loud!!!

It has been over a year now and I can no longer join this site.The only people that makes good reviews on this site are white people.Yes there is a scammers but also there is a lot of honest and open mind woman on this site you can meet , I had a chance of meeting girls from, ukrain, morocco , azerbaaijan and uzbakistan .After talking to them on fdating I had a chance to meet them all you need is to put your time and efforts and keep talking till you find a one you think is right for sure you don't send money to no one.....Through this side I got in love with a guy in 2015, we did not get marry finally, I recommended this side to my sister and she met his husband here in 2017. Now it seems very impossible to make a profile on this site.

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