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The inevitable breakup: He’ll stubbornly refuse to visit you one too many times because he “HATES going Downtown!

” and refuses to accept the fact that Logan Square is not even close to “Downtown.” Neighborhood: Bridgeport He lives on his own...

next door to his grandmother, and across the street from his mom.

He lists his union affiliation on his OKCupid profile instead of actual job title -- Union Pipe Fitters Local 597, in case you were wondering.

Your first date: Any beercade in the city you want... The inevitable breakup: He’ll make out with a drunk sorority girl at Sluggers, then call you crying hysterically at 4am to slurredly beg for your forgiveness.Strangely, you’ll be more annoyed by your sleep being disturbed than you are by the end of your relationship.Neighborhood: Lisle (technically it’s a village) Jeff likes long walks on the beach, small children, cuddling, and is more than willing to watch romantic comedies.Neighborhood: Wrigleyville Recently graduated from Ohio State, Matty B.moved straight to Chicago to live with his Alpha Fappa Deltoid brothers.

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Ask any single woman in Chicago about their dating experiences in this city and you’re bound to hear about some pretty, um, interesting men.

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