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"Matchmaking of this kind only works if you take it as seriously as you would finding the right job; it doesn't happen overnight." "When it comes to finding romance, a lot are told 'what's for you, won't pass you by.' Actually, yes it will!Some people are really lucky in that it can 'just happen' but those cases are rare.It is a rather Americanised concept, but a quick Google of the term 'matchmaking Ireland' and I'm met with an array of options, including one for an actual Irish matchmaking festival that our writer Geraldine attended just this year.And with over a million single people in Ireland currently, it's no surprise that some should consider this an option.Unless you're proactive and serious about making it happen, it might not - and that's what people need to remember." Expectation, as with anything in life is a big factor.We just encourage honesty and specialise in providing suitable matches for our clients based on what they want or look for in a partner." They arrange up to 100 dates a week on occasion and all people who sign up are put through a vigorous vetting before they are accepted.

"It gave us an idea that we could help people the way my brother helped us, through the traditional, personalised route of 'I know this person, they have your interests etc.'" Feargal and Rena both come from strong customer service backgrounds and are used to helping and dealing with people.

Sadly, some men swipe right or like every profile on a dating site like it’s some sort of game, and it disappoints women who are actually interested in getting to know them when they don’t respond.

Studies show that when women send the first message, they get a response about 50% of the time.

Instead, break up the content into short paragraphs so that they’re easy to digest.

You could have one on: So part of online dating is being okay with starting a conversation with a complete stranger that you’ve matched with.

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