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The gain is realized when the bond matures, which is the difference between the purchase price and the face value.However, if they're sold early, there could be a gain or loss depending on where bond prices are trading at the time of the sale.Noncompetitive bids auctions allow investors to submit a bid to purchase a set dollar amount of bills.The yield investors receive is based upon the average auction price from all bidders.T-bills purchased at auctions are priced through a bidding process.Bids are referred to as competitive or noncompetitive bids.When the bill matures, the investor is paid the face value—par value—of the bill they bought.If the face value amount is greater than the purchase price, the difference is the interest earned for the investor.

Individual investors can make noncompetitive bids via the Treasury Direct website.However, if interest rates are rising, existing T-bills fall out of favor since their rates are less attractive compared to the overall market.As a result, T-bills have interest rate risk meaning there is a risk that existing bondholders might lose out on higher rates in the future.Many factors can influence T-Bill prices, including macroeconomic conditions, monetary policy, and the overall supply and demand for Treasuries.T-Bills with longer maturity dates tend to have higher returns than those with shorter maturities.

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