Is mila kunis still dating macaulay culkin

Macaulay Culkin’s career famously peaked early as he starred in , which started in 1998 and was basically at the peak of its own fame in 2002.

This all leads to the great irony: right now, their relationship feels like an odd mismatch, but at the time, they were basically celebrity royalty with an equally frenzied collection of fans that would follow them wherever they went.

You probably think you already know all you need to know about these two: she’s happily married to Ashton Kutcher and he’s busy keeping a low profile - minus some surprise musical performances.

For nearly a decade, these two were in an intense relationship that basically defined what Hollywood romance can be.

This can lead to harassment of the stars or even a sudden shift in the ratings or box office of their work. Well, they handled their own fans just fine - though Kunis didn’t really like Culkin’s! To hear her tell it, these were not normal fans: they just started incoherently screaming when they saw him, which she told Stern was not “a normal response to a celebrity.” She chalked this up to them just not knowing “how to react,” but it’s notable that when she looks back on their relationship, his crazy fans stand out so prominently.

In fact, she recalls telling her father when she was only sixteen that she didn’t believe in marriage.However, this is not the case at all: the two stars dated for over eight years, starting way back in 2002.Interestingly, this was a time in which both stars were about as famous as they would ever be.Of course, you don’t just have to take our word for it.Keep scrolling to discover 16 Crazy Secrets Behind Macaulay Culkin And Mila Kunis’ Relationship!

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