Is nick jonas dating nicole anderson in real life

One thing’s for sure, he seems to love dating older women! Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra is a full decade older than him!Here’s a complete list of Nick Jonas’s girlfriends (both rumored and confirmed) for your reading pleasure!Nick went on to start dating Priyanka Chopra shortly after that.Annalisa Azaredo is the only woman on this list who wasn’t famous before hooking up with the youngest Jonas brother.The relationship itself is still hot off the presses, and Nick has been known to casually date a lot of women—both his own age and older.But there could be a chance that the couple will be attending Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s wedding together, as well!It seems he doesn’t necessarily want to be tied down to any particular woman during this juncture in his career. He was photographed going for a bike ride with the mysterious local brunette beauty, until she fell off her bike and scraped both of her knees!

Australian actress, songwriter, and singer Delta Goodrem would mark one of Nick Jonas’s first forays into dating older women.They apparently both agreed to keep their relationship private and with good reason.Georgia spoke about her apprehension when it comes to divulging too much information about her private affairs and said, “It’s difficult being in any relationship, but when it’s in the spotlight, it makes it even harder because you always have prying and other voices that could get in your head.”Coming from a celebrity, that’s a valid point.When straightforwardly asked whether he and Kate took their relationship to the next level, Nick said, “Out of my best effort to respect [Kate] and her privacy, I’m not going to say if we had sex or not. Clearly, Nick is a true gentleman who doesn’t kiss and tell!Despite relentless rumors that Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner dated back in 2015, the “Unhinged” singer vehemently put those reports to rest immediately.

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