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Food and family are often inextricably linked, and that’s nowhere more the case than in Italy.Italian food doesn’t get more authentic than when it’s cooked by (grandma) herself, for her large extended family.And if you become obsessed with making Italian food (which often happens after you’ve made a few outstanding dishes), you certainly ought to invest in a pasta machine.If you want comprehensive advice on outfitting your kitchen, see our kitchenware guide.

The result might be tasty enough, but it’s no substitute for genuine Italian cooking.You can’t hurry along this sort of food without compromising the results.The saying “good things take time,” has never been more apt than when describing Italian food.Let’s now run through the most widely-used ingredients in Italian cooking.These include: nightshades, onions, garlic, olive oil, meats and cheeses, summer squash, fresh or dried herbs, balsamic vinegar, olives, and, of course, pasta.

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Even better, many of the best-known meals from both cuisines are simple to prepare.

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