Leader lines excel pie charts updating

This allowed us to display both positive and negative change between periods.

For the 2nd iteration the positive and negative error bars use a separate series.

The look of a chart is a highly subjective matter anyways, so don't be afraid to publish.

You will learn a lot and improve your skills faster when you do.

This allows us to change the formatting of the positive and negative bars individually.

I created this alternative based on a suggestions from Conor and Wayne on the You Tube video.

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  1. is only possible when used in combination of Sql Data Source, Object Data Source and similar. How do you get the details view to change its appearence to accomodate editing? I copied the format of the detailsview ""Page Index Changing" event which would give me "protected void dv_Mode Changing(Object sender, Details View Page Event Arg e)" however the detailsview object has no property called "Mode" It does have a property called "Current Mode" but "e" has no property called "New Mode" It only has properties "Cancel" and "New Page Index". Select the DV in the design window and press the F4 key. There's a button on top with the image of a lighting bolt.