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From the very beginning many outstanding actors and writers have loved working at the Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy, often starting their celebrated careers in its premises.Nowadays such famous Kiev actors as Vladimir Goryansky, Vitaly Linetzky, Lesya Samaeva, Lev Somov, Darya Loboda, Alexander Getmansky, Neonila Beletzkaya play in the theatre.I’ve never had real Georgian baklava, but I know it exists — I even have a recipe. In Ukraine, baristas hold shop right in the backs of their panel vans. Hunters too look different in Ukraine, at least if we are to believe the ads for Hunting & Gun Magazine.I also remember visiting a hunting and fishing store nearby.

Just like the Georgians spend their time making wine, drinking, and singing in Soviet mosaics across Georgia, the Ukrainian is shepherding and resting in a field.

In spite of its rather academic name the Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy, located on the left bank of the Dnepr River, is a very innovative and young establishment.

The theatre was founded in 1979 on the initiative of Eduard Mitnizky, who headed the company and become the artistic director of the troupe.

The first play of the new theatre that opened a galaxy of bright performances was Acme by Ukrainian playwright Rodion Fedenev.

The theater is remarkable for its experimental performances.

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He has not only created this popular theatre but also educated many modern directors, who are proud to call themselves the students of Eduard Mitnizky.

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