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Volunteer training is provided for PLHIV to empower and equip them to work with Foundation’s staff and other volunteers for organising various AIDS preventive education programmes for the general public, vulnerable groups, and also providing mutual support services for other PLHIV.

Immediate financial assistance could be offered to PLHIV with urgent need through a small support funding.

The length of the incubation period depends on the health situation, availability of treatment, psychological status and so on of the infected person.

There can be no symptoms at all during that period.

Moreover social workers on duty may provide immediate advice and counselling service.

In addition, interest classes will be organised regularly so as to strengthen the communication between participants with the objective of widening their social network and enhancing their life quality.

i) It is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Have sufficient rest, avoid smoking and limit alcohol use can help keep your body strong to fight against the disease; ii) A well-balanced diet is always good for your health; iii) Doing regular exercise helps keep you stronger and relieve stress; and iv) Try some traditional healing practices, massage, acupuncture, herbs or other therapies.

i) Regular clinical visits help detect problems and take early and appropriate actions; ii) Adherence to treatment schedule is very important to prevent treatment failure and drug-resistance; and iii) If you have any concern over your health, medical situation and latest treatment, it is always useful to discuss with your doctor.Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy (HAART), commonly known as cocktail treatment that combines three or more medicines, has been proved to be effective in limiting the replication of the virus in the body, delaying the destruction of the immune system and development into the condition of full-blown AIDS.Each HAART is tailored to each individual infected and it may cause some side effects.Self-acceptance and problem solving abilities of PLHIV would be enhanced through mutual sharing, support and encouragement among the peers in the support groups, with the building of a supportive network.Seminars, training workshops and social gathering are organised for PLHIV to reinforce their knowledge of health and safe sex and enhance their quality of life and the building up of a supportive network.

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