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You don’t need to have a body of an athlete to capture their attention.Although, it’s better for you to be well-dressed, have a nice haircut and well-kept nails.And the biggest secret is that these girls are literally flourishing in the company of men who admire and appreciate them. Apart from that, you can find them in the countries of the former Soviet Union – Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, as well as other European countries – Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, and the Check Republic.Russian communities are scattered around the globe, with largest of them located in the USA, Canada, Israel, Brazil, Australia, and Argentina.Therefore, they want to have someone manly by their side to feel safe and protected.Curiously enough, Russian girls are not obsessed with good looks of the future partner. Every man’s dream is to have by his side a beautiful and graceful woman to love him and care for him.

Much like every other woman, a Russian girl dreams of a man who is able to provide for his family – he has to have a decent job with a good income.

In her opinion, a perfect man is decisive and reliable.

Russian women are very tender and vulnerable even if they don’t admit it.

Many of them live a healthy lifestyle - they exercise a lot, attend yoga and dance classes, eat healthy food.

All of their efforts are aimed at maintaining a good physical shape. Tons of beautiful women live in the largest cities of the country – Moscow, St Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, etc.

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However, the majority of them are brought up in such a way that they don’t consider climbing the career ladder their main purpose in life.

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