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She has been known to throw tantrums when she isn't allowed into clubs and was even caught up in a mini drug scandal of her own when she was caught sniffing a suspicious white substance outside a Premier Inn after Secret Garden Party with Lottie Moss. He owns a French atelier, Gripoix in Paris, but I don't really know what that means.

Aside from these incidents, the 23-year-old has made a decent career for herself after leaving Made in Chelsea as a fashion designer and photographer. She's also appeared on Celebs Go Dating, confirming her place as an official TV personality. However, he's started using his poshness to make dirty money fast, as he was recently seen endorsing Mc Donald's at their fancy new burger restaurant pop-up thing. Leeds grad, and heir to the Mc Vitie's fortune (which is £485 million by the way), 29-year-old man-child, Jamie Laing has made his own money by starting a sweets company, Candy Kittens.

Tiffany Watson has basically been riding off other people as she currently works for her sister at her jewellery company and shares a vegan restaurant in West London with her that their dad definitely bought them.

The Watson money (about £90 million of it) comes from their father, Clive, selling his pubs to Green King.

But he mostly lives in his sister's shadow, gaining a lot of fame from posing as her on his Instagram account. Her family sold Mackintosh Confectionary to Rowntree for £200,000, so they're doing okay. Just wanted to say a special thank you to all the amazing people who made our day so memorable! He's a former rugby player, now a model, and that's about it. He's officially a "web entrepreneur" and currently owns six businesses. It brings me tremendous pleasure to present to you, my dear followers, friends and family: Yosshi Premium Fuji Apple Cider In Japan the apple is not merely a fruit but is considered a precious gift, often given to friends and loved ones as a thoughtful gesture.

He studied Music and Languages at the University of Bristol and has gone on to do a variety of jobs on top of appearing on Made in Chelsea. Alik is the Vice President of his father's company, which is worth about £3 million in stock alone. Yosshi Cider – The Precious Gift™ Click the link in my bio and order before 3PM to receive your Yosshi tomorrow. A post shared by Francis Boulle (@francis.boulle) on 1) A thorough, detailed investigation into where the Made In Chelsea cast went to uni 2) Remember the jilted exes of Made in Chelsea?He's the Director and Founder of GEIST, an international private art dealership and collection, plus he's a model. After getting dumped by Louise, Andy fucked off to Cornwall to sell flip-flops or something. Spencer was basically the OG fuckboy after he shagged and subsequently cheated on almost every female cast member on Made in Chelsea. Perhaps it was his years as foreign exchange trader earning over £100k a year. He's also playing the guitar a lot, and somehow making millions? Rosie stayed on the show from day one until season 13, when incessant shit-stirring got too boring for her. He was born into a lot of money, as his parents own the legendary Eden Rock hotel in St Barths, which profits over £2 million a year. He's been on the show literally since day one and is literally the nation's sweetheart. She's gone on to make her own fortune, despite coming from a lot of money already (obviously). 32-year-old Hugo is one of the wealthiest of the original Mi C cast, making his money through his sunglasses company Taylor Morris, which he co-founded in 2013. He comes from a pretty humble background but by being a loyal babe on the telly and creating a really good dating app, he's literally made millions of pounds. He also wrote a book called Laid in Chelsea which is just a great pun and he deserves to make a lot of money for that. Her dad, Nick is director of Seymours Art Advisors and is worth about £1.3 million himself, so Rosie has done well to catch herself up. But this isn't his only source of money, Hugo's father is a QC and therefore earns well over £250k a year. While Sohpie Hermann is a fashion designer, blogger and model, it's likely that her money was mostly inherited as her family are worth a crazy £14 million as her mother, Luise invented Mustang Jeans.

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