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I'm blessed to have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over a decade where I have dedicated myself to providing advanced massage therapy sessions for clients, many of which I've come to value as family.

I design personalized sessions that meet your requirements while I feel my deep tissue and trigger point techniques continue to provide the most benefit.

It is my goal to see that the needs of every client are met with quality care and professionalism at all times." Stephen lives in Warner Robins, Georgia where he has done so since 1998. He spent the next seven years as a defense contractor continuing to serve our nation's military in the fields of video teleconferencing and logistics.

This new level of IICT membership offers affiliation with the IICT for anyone who is practicing the psychic arts.

Recognising a need for this industry the IICT set about creating a specific membership for practitioners.

In the spring of 2012 while still a defense contractor, he began the journey to become a licensed massage therapist pursuing a passion long overdue.

Then, unexpectedly in early 2013, he left defense contracting all together and decided to focus solely on his massage therapy studies.

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