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As for Matt’s brother Kyle, Nancy knew that he would become a sculptor and her prediction was right.

When Matt was 2 years old, his parents filed for divorce and from that moment Matt with his older brother Kyle lived just with their mother.Also, in an interview, Matt Damon publicly stated that he was glad he married someone who wasn’t into his line of career and is proud of how his wife handles their family lives so far.It is undeniable that the former hostess proves the fact that most celebrities end up marrying beautiful women.Luciana moved to the big city of New York with the intents of finding greener pastures, she never knew that she would also be struck by love., the two couldn’t help themselves and instantly fell in love.Although the exact day, month and year the power couple met are nowhere near the records, it is no hidden fact that they got engaged in Septemeber 2005 and eventually took their vows three months after.

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