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The arrival of China’s long-beard philosophy — hey, that is how many view it, as an old man with a long beard — marked the beginning of women’s subordination to men and forcing men into authoritative roles. Confucianism view men as aggressive, independent, dominate, competitive, confident, and analytical.All of which are needed to head a household and manage the family’s estate.The roles can be summarized in three points: These ideas go beyond what we in the West would consider service.Loyalty involves more than obeying orders and heeding advice.

What exactly is the social role of men in Japanese society?

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot to shoulder.

The local lord also expected men to serve him in war.

It involves anticipating what benefits the superior. Being proactive is one reason why some Japanese men have died on the job.

Another factor is the idea that men must be wholly dedicated to their work.

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