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In a larger view, this is assortment theory in action. So if you believe that you need to say silly lines to get a girl to laugh at you, i.e. Many men who get into the PUA and MDA scenes were outcasts in school, could never connect with anyone, were socially ostracized, or they have low confidence.

you aren’t connecting in a genuine way, then you will attract ingenuine women. So when a company shows a picture of a muscular guy surrounded by girls or making everyone laugh saying “BECOME THE ALPHA MALE NOW”, they can’t help but be drawn in.

But the PUA and MDA scenes have many associated issues.

One of which, is the marketing campaigns and methods used to attract potential “customers”.

He hopes to bring this change to others through his unconventional but very effective teaching methods.

As well as teaching him to put checks in place for things like fire extinguishers, it also showed him the power of having a strong team around him as there was no way he could have got it turned around so quickly over a weekend without the trades he had developed good relationships with.

Nick is a 20 year old “PUA”, Lifestyle and Dating Coach, Business student, Self-Improvement enthusiast, Former stripper, and mentor to dozens.

He currently lives in Toronto, Ontario and is the original founder of Lets Get Girls and writer of many blogs on this site.

Having experienced years of pickup, countless heartbreaks and long term relationships, the ins and outs of the stripping business and different characters associated with that world, he is experienced beyond his years.

Contact: Email – [email protected] – Nick Dora Instagram – Guido Niko Torontos most effective dating coach.

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The business trained over 5,000 men globally, and he became the authority figure on mens dating advice, as well as authoring 2 best selling books on the subject.

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