These games are usually in visual-novel format with certain mini-game elements.

Overall, there are four types of dating sims: bishoujo games (pursuing girls from a male perspective), otome games (pursuing guys from a female perspective), GL games (girls pursuing girls), and lastly BL games (guys pursuing guys).

Because Messenger works on i Phones, it also works on the Apple Watch.

Even though Messenger is easily accessible through the Messenger website, your Facebook account on your computer, and the mobile apps, you can install add-ons in some browsers that are designed to make it even easier to use. They're third-party extensions that non-Facebook developers released for free.

Messenger can be used in conjunction with Facebook on your computer, at or accessed using the mobile Messenger app on Android and i OS devices.

Dating simulators, or dating sims for short, are romance role-playing games.

Users typically pursue one of several eligible candidates with the goal of ending up with them, in whatever sense that may be (married, going steady, etc.).

There's also a custom Scan Code you can grab from within the app and share with others, who can then scan your code to add you to their Messenger instantly.

Look out, there’s a new dating simulator in the app store, and it’s already got 1 million users!

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