Michels joseph dating techniques in archaeology

Morrow1997 Hawk's Nest: A New Gainey-Clovis Site in Northeastern Illinois.

1995b Recent Advances in Paleoindian and Archaic Period Research in the Southeastern United States. 1996 Models of Paleoindian and Early Archaic Settlement in the Southeastern United States. 2001 Climate and Culture Change in Prehistoric and Early Historic Eastern North America. 2001 Paleoindian Archaeological Research in the Southeastern United States. In Native American Interaction: Multiscalar Analyses and Interpretations in the Eastern Woodlands, edited by Michael S. 1990b A North American Paleoindian Projectile Point Database. 1991 Examining Prehistoric Settlement Distribution in Eastern North America. 1995a Paleoindian Interaction Networks in the Eastern Woodlands. Stuckenrath1999 No Vestiges of a Beginning nor Prospect for an End: Two Decades of Debate on Meadocroft Rockshelter. Center for the Study of the First Americans, Corvallis, Oregon. Klim1996 Upper Paleolithic Fibre Technology: Interlaced Woven Finds from Pavlov I, Czech Republic, Ca.

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